Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wow!!!!! I Forgot I had a blog!

I know it is hard to believe. But I even forgot that I had a blog! Wow, not sure if it is good to be back. So much is going through my mind since it has been almost a year!


Really a year! That is alot of pictures and stuff going on. Not sure if I can actually catch up! Maybe I will try and just blog a little and post a past picture here or there!!! Dang, this is as bad as when you say you are going to write in journal everyday and don't. Then your next entry is entirely catch up. Pages of it, then it sits until you decided to set the goal again of wiritng everyday and the circle continues!

I guess we will see!!!!!!

Maybe I will just post a few of my favorite pictures. Well maybe I want to eat first!!! Hmmmm, choices, choices!!!!! Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Prayer is in our Hearts

So sometimes in life things happen and there is no way that a parent has any control of what your child will see. We try so hard to protect our kids from harm, mean people or horrible sights. Unfortunately this was not possible this week. On Tuesday Austin witnessed a horrible accident that occurred at our high school parking lot. I had never seen him in such distress before. At the time I didn't realize how bad it really was. 4 boys were doing doughnuts in the parking lot after football practice and they rolled the jeep that they were in. Austin and Dallin ( Dani's friend) were a few of the first ones on the scene. Since the accident Austin has been waking up in cold sweats and panting. When he does sleep it is restless. Really no 14 year old boy should have to see what he saw. The outcome was not good. 2 boys were released from the hospital that night, one stayed in the hospital for a few day with a punctured lung and a few broken ribs. Brandon Curtis passed away on Wednesday. It has been really hard for Dani and Austin. Austin did not know Brandon well. He was just getting to know him through football and football camp.( They also play the same position) Austin is very close with Brandon's little brother Marshall. Dani has been having a hard time as well. She dated Brandon last year and went to Preference with him. It so hard to have a friend pass away. It is amazing how something so tragic can bring together a community. Brandon was a wonderful gentleman. He was always respectful and kind when he was at our house. He will be missed.

He was a great kid. The city has been so supportive and helpful to his family. There are so many fundraisers planned. I can't wait for the first football game. Brandon was named an honorary team captain. It will be a very senitimental and memorable night.
Please keep the Curtis family in your thoughts and prayers. This has been an eye opening experience for us. For me it has reminded me to never let my kids leave without them knowing I love them. The plan of Salvation has once again been a big topic of discussion at our house. But it has been so helpful in letting us know that we can live with our Father in Heaven again. And that everything happens for a purpose. Please keep Austin and Dani and your prayers. Austin has a long recovery process. But with prayers and blessings I know we can get through this.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Okay so drill is over for the year. Here she is after districts. Dani had so much and had great experiences. She made great friends. Our high school football team made to the state championship game. Our girls basketball won the state title. So the girls got to perform at Rice Eccles Stadium. Here is Dani with her new favorite friend Dallin.

Nat came to visit for Thanksgiving so we took some pictures. Lots of cute ones if I do say so myself!!!!!:)
Dani turned 17. Wow!!!! It is hard to believe. I am so grateful that she is here and lives with us. She made the drill team for next year and was also voted as President for the team. She will be very busy next year.
Austin turned 14. Wow he is taller than me (that's not saying a whole lot). He loves football and track. He just won the 200, 4x100, 4x400 at the district meet. He is the district champ. We have quite a few more meets this summer before football starts.
Here he is with his friend Jessi. Nice that it isn't a close shot, because they thought they were being cool and went with all spandex at a track meet and nothing else. (Not a pretty sight for the moms) but they thought they were cool.

Baylie did Jr. Dvelles. That is where the drill team teaches little girls dances. They both had a blast.

Dani went to Preference (girls choice). I am going to go to a different computer later and try to scan in her dance pictures. There are some really cute ones. And then she went to Prom
Very busy, Coop did wrestling and now he is doing track as well. Baylie is going to be in dance and is very excited. We all support each other and attend everything. We are grateful for everything we have been blessed with and looking forward to a very busy and wonderful summer.) Hopefully more pictures to come!!!!!

Somehow this one got lost in the blogging process. This is sweethearts. Great matching on the tie,dress and a cast that he was wearing!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Okay so no one needs to faint.
But yes,
I am going to blog today!
It will take a couple hours because I have so many pictures and updates, but here I go...
I know that it has been awhile.......
Okay, I just realized that I am on my new computer and I don't have an pictures on her so I need to switch to another on. So pictures will follow in just a little bit. I should get my kids out the door first!!!(to school...) But please stay tuned!:)
I know the suspense is killing ya!!!!!